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Name Last, First - 1977
Name First, Last - 1977
Last Known Last Name
Abel, George George Abel Abel
Abramides, Bertha Bertha Abramides Scalley
Adams, Edward Edward Adams Adams Teacher
Agostini, Peter Peter Agostini Agostini
Allen, Charles Charles Allen Allen
Amadio, Robert Robert Amadio Amadio
Andrew, Joyce Joyce Andrew Andrew
Angeli, Dimitra Dimitra Angeli Angeli
Angiolillo, Ernest Ernest Angiolillo Angiolillo Teacher
Ansons, John John Ansons Ansons
Antonuccio, Yvonne Yvonne Antonuccio Kingsland
Archer, Perry Perry Archer Archer
Armillei, Donna Donna Armillei Vottero
Arrell, Bill Bill Arrell Arrell
Ashton, Marina Marina Ashton Ashton Teacher
Atkins, Jean Jean Atkins Atkins
Aultman, Wayne Wayne Aultman Aultman
Babe, Harry Harry Babe Babe
Bacher, Carol Carol Bacher Bacher
Baker, George George Baker Baker
Barkhymer, James James Barkhymer Barkhymer
Barnes, Robert Robert Barnes Barnes
Barney, Ed Ed Barney Barney
Bates, Linda Linda Bates Jordan
Battaglia, Wayne Wayne Battaglia Battaglia
Battista, Joanne Joanne Battista Battista
Baughan, George George Baughan Baughan Teacher
Becht, Kimberly Kimberly Becht Miller
Becker, Dave Dave Becker Becker
Beitzel, Melissa Melissa Beitzel Palmer
Beldechs, Mary Mary Beldechs Beldechs Teacher
Benford, Rose Rose Benford Botela
Benglian, Barbara Barbara Benglian Benglian Teacher
Bennett, John John Bennett Bennett
Bennett, George George Bennett Bennett Teacher
Bergen, Mark Mark Bergen Bergen
Beringer, Frederick Frederick Beringer Beringer
Bernauer, Carol Carol Bernauer Bernauer
Bisanti, Diane Diane Bisanti Bisanti
Bizzari, Michael Michael Bizzari Bizzari
Blake, Debbie Debbie Blake Blake
Boggi, Mary Jane Mary Jane Boggi Boggi
Bollinger, Ken Ken Bollinger Bollinger
Bollinger, Timothy Timothy Bollinger Bollinger
Bortner, Robert Robert Bortner Bortner
Bottos, Athanasios Athanasios Bottos Bottos
Bowers, Joanne Joanne Bowers Bowers Teacher
Boyd, John John Boyd Boyd Teacher
Bradley, Paul Paul Bradley Bradley
Brent, Alice Alice Brent Brent
Briggs, Joan Joan Briggs Briggs Teacher
Brinson, Irene Irene Brinson Rankin
Broadbelt, Janice Janice Broadbelt Kavanagh
Brown, William William Brown Brown
Bruno, Frank Frank Bruno Bruno
Buchakjian, Maria Maria Buchakjian Buchakjian
Buck, Sara Sara Buck Buck Teacher
Bunting, Lawrence Lawrence Bunting Bunting
Burns, Kathleen Kathleen Burns Britt
Burrichter, Mary Mary Burrichter McLaughlan
Burstein, Ray Ray Burstein Burstein
Bush, Jeannette Jeannette Bush O'Donnell
Bygrave, James James Bygrave Bygrave
Byrne, Betty Betty Byrne Byrne
Byrne, Michael Michael Byrne Byrne
Byrne, Rick Rick Byrne Byrne
Calise, John John Calise Calise
Callahan, David David Callahan Callahan
Campbell, Robin Robin Campbell Campbell
Campbell, Shelby Shelby Campbell Campbell
Cannon, Mark Mark Cannon Cannon
Cardelli, John John Cardelli Cardelli
Carlsson, Susan Susan Carlsson Carlsson
Carney, Lisa Lisa Carney Carney
Carr, Anthony Anthony Carr Carr
Carrol, Virginia Virginia Carrol Carrol
Casciano, Mary Mary Casciano Casciano Teacher
Castagna, Tony Tony Castagna Castagna
Catalini, Anne Anne Catalini Welsh
Cauley, Edward Edward Cauley Cauley
Cavanaugh, Joe Joe Cavanaugh Cavanaugh
Ceglarski, Judy Judy Ceglarski Verna
Chambers, Elizabeth Elizabeth Chambers Chambers
Charitonchick, Gary Gary Charitonchick Charitonchick
Chiappini, Jacquelin Jacquelin Chiappini Graziano
Chilingerian, Samuel Samuel Chilingerian Chilingerian
Christie, Mike Mike Christie Christie
Ciallella, Drew Drew Ciallella Kayser
Cianfrani, Lori Lori Cianfrani Kijewski
Cienki, John John Cienki Cienki
Ciletti, Gary Gary Ciletti Ciletti
Cini, Susan Susan Cini Cini
Cipolla, Daniel Daniel Cipolla Cipolla
Cisco, Ruthie Ruthie Cisco Cisco
Cleary, Steve Steve Cleary Cleary
Clement, Joyce Joyce Clement Clement
Coia, Lisa Lisa Coia Coia
Collins, Scott Scott Collins Collins
Comey, James James Comey Comey Teacher
Conner, Donna Donna Conner Leos
Connolly, Jackie Jackie Connolly Connolly
Connor, Charles Charles Connor Lesher
Connor, John John Connor Connor Teacher
Conway, Barbara Barbara Conway Conway Teacher
Cordivari, David David Cordivari Cordivari
Corner, Nancy Nancy Corner Simon
Cornwall, Dennis Dennis Cornwall Cornwall
Corrigan, Gerald Gerald Corrigan Corrigan
Costa, Francis Francis Costa Costa
Costa, Lisa Lisa Costa Costa
Craig, Deborah Deborah Craig Cochran
Crawford, Lynn Lynn Crawford Crawford Teacher
Crisafulli, Rosaria Rosaria Crisafulli Crisafulli
Croce, Denise Denise Croce Croce
Crock, Joseph Joseph Crock Crock Teacher
Cromie, Ruth Ruth Cromie Cromie Teacher
Cullen, Andrew Andrew Cullen Cullen
Cullen, Bill Bill Cullen Cullen
Cullen, Patricia Patricia Cullen O'Hara
Curay, Patricia Patricia Curay Frisch
Curran, Michael Michael Curran Curran
D'Agostino, John John D'Agostino D'Agostino
D'Alessandro, Angela Angela D'Alessandro D'Alessandro
D'Amico, Leonard Leonard D'Amico D'Amico Teacher
D'Ascanio, Gina Gina D'Ascanio D'Ascanio
Dallas, Stephen Stephen Dallas Dallas
Daly, Frank Frank Daly Daly
Danzi, Margaret Margaret Danzi Reilly
De Jesse, Peggy Peggy De Jesse Gentile
de Kok, Alice Alice de Kok de Kok Teacher
De Lorenzo, Louis Louis De Lorenzo De Lorenzo
De Norscia, Janet Janet De Norscia De Norscia Teacher
De Simone, Anthony Anthony De Simone De Simone
Dever, Daniel Daniel Dever Dever
Di Filippo, Tony Tony Di Filippo Di Filippo
Di Giandomenico, David David Di Giandomenico Di Giandomenico
Di Giorgio, Lyn Lyn Di Giorgio Debes
Di Gironimo, Marcello Marcello Di Gironimo Di Gironimo
Di Ludovico, Marisa Marisa Di Ludovico Di Ludovico
Di Maro, Anthony Anthony Di Maro Di Maro
Di Maulo, Debbie Debbie Di Maulo Di Maulo
Di Michael, Rita Rita Di Michael Scudder
Di Nunzio, Nicholas Nicholas Di Nunzio Di Nunzio
Di Pietro, Marietta Marietta Di Pietro Di Pietro
Di Pompio, Charles Charles Di Pompio Di Pompio
Di Teodoro, Linda Linda Di Teodoro Wenrich
Dick, Belinda Belinda Dick Goodwin
Dienna, Gary Gary Dienna Dienna Teacher
Dietz, Sandra Sandra Dietz Feeney
Digan, James James Digan Digan Teacher
Dittbrenner, Mike Mike Dittbrenner Dittbrenner
Dodds, Regina Regina Dodds Dodds
Dolbey, Donna Donna Dolbey Rykaczewski
Donchetz, Rita Rita Donchetz Donchetz
Donegan, Colleen Colleen Donegan Donegan
Doney, Karen Karen Doney Doney
Donohay, Nancy Nancy Donohay Donohay Teacher
Donohoe, Patricia Patricia Donohoe Karwoski
Doud, Jim Jim Doud Doud
Dougherty, James James Dougherty Dougherty
Dougherty, Mark Mark Dougherty Dougherty
Doyle, Terri Terri Doyle Doyle
Dreyer, Joseph Joseph Dreyer Dreyer
Duggan, James James Duggan Duggan
Dundon, Craig Craig Dundon Dundon
Dunlap, John John Dunlap Dunlap
Durant, Judith Judith Durant Manley
Dyer, Regina Regina Dyer Dyer
Earley, Kathleen Kathleen Earley Earley
Edwards, Jeffrey Jeffrey Edwards Edwards
Egleston, Mark Mark Egleston Egleston
Eisenhart, Gregory Gregory Eisenhart Eisenhart Teacher
Eisenhauer, Pattie Pattie Eisenhauer Eisenhauer
Elberson, Keith Keith Elberson Elberson
Ellis, Kathleen Kathleen Ellis Foultz
Ellis, Lorraine Lorraine Ellis Ellis
Epps, Brad Brad Epps Epps
Erdosy, Richard Richard Erdosy Erdosy
Erickson, Carl Carl Erickson Erickson
Eshleman, Stephen Stephen Eshleman Eshleman Teacher
Evans, Alicia Alicia Evans Bitzer
Evans, Barbara Barbara Evans Evans
Evanson, Jane Jane Evanson Strickland
Ewing, Mary Beth Mary Beth Ewing Ewing
Fannin, Larry Larry Fannin Fannin
Farrell, Michael Michael Farrell Farrell
Faust, Bill Bill Faust Faust
Feilke, Linda Linda Feilke Feilke
Felker, Carolyn Carolyn Felker Felker Teacher
Finfrock, David David Finfrock Finfrock
Fisher, Mary Ann Mary Ann Fisher Fisher
Fissel, John John Fissel Fissel
Fissidas, George George Fissidas Fissidas
Fitti, Lawrence Lawrence Fitti Fitti
Fitzgerald, Charles Charles Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Teacher
Fitzpatrick, Ginny Ginny Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick
Flick, Bob Bob Flick Flick
Flood, Robert Robert Flood Flood
Flood, Thomas Thomas Flood Flood Teacher
Forney, Donald Donald Forney Forney Teacher
Foster, Harold Harold Foster Foster
Foster, Susan Susan Foster Maheras
Frame, William William Frame Frame
Fratick, Dorothy Dorothy Fratick Fratick
Fratoni, Michael Michael Fratoni Fratoni
Fritz, Robert Robert Fritz Fritz
Froio, Anne Anne Froio Froio Teacher
Gaffney, Dan Dan Gaffney Gaffney
Gallagher, Ed Ed Gallagher Gallagher
Gallagher, Lisa Lisa Gallagher Gallagher
Galli, Joseph Joseph Galli Galli Teacher
Ganzelli, Bob Bob Ganzelli Ganzelli
Gardiner, James James Gardiner Gardiner
Gaul, Bob Bob Gaul Gaul
Gearhart, Chris Chris Gearhart Gearhart
Geist, Jeff Jeff Geist Geist
Geller, Michael Michael Geller Geller
George, Deborah Ann Deborah Ann George George
George, Joe Joe George George
Georgeou, George George Georgeou Georgeou
Gerlach, Robert Robert Gerlach Gerlach
Ghilardi, Franco Franco Ghilardi Ghilardi
Giangiordano, Bernie Bernie Giangiordano Giangiordano
Gibbone, Dan Dan Gibbone Gibbone
Gibson, Joe Joe Gibson Gibson
Gilbert, Paul Paul Gilbert Gilbert
Giordano, Yvonne Yvonne Giordano Giordano
Glaum, Patty Patty Glaum Forman
Gober, Susan Susan Gober Reed
Goetz, Russel Russel Goetz Goetz
Gormley, John John Gormley Gormley
Gragilla, Rusty Rusty Gragilla Gragilla
Greenberg, Michael Michael Greenberg Greenberg
Greene, Virginia Virginia Greene Greene Teacher
Grillo, John John Grillo Grillo
Gruen, Stephen Stephen Gruen Gruen
Haggerty, Victoria Victoria Haggerty Haggerty
Halfpenny, Charles Charles Halfpenny Halfpenny
Haller, Mary Mary Haller Haller Teacher
Halpin, Thomas Thomas Halpin Halpin
Hammond, Donna Donna Hammond Hammond
Harkisheimer, William William Harkisheimer Harkisheimer
Harper, Steven Steven Harper Harper
Harris, Robert Robert Harris Harris
Harrison, Gregory Gregory Harrison Harrison
Hatzopoulos, Georgia Georgia Hatzopoulos Hatzopoulos
Hayes, Cindy Cindy Hayes Hayes
Healey, Rick Rick Healey Healey
Hempel, Grete Grete Hempel Leis
Henderson, Joanne Joanne Henderson Bogan
Hendry, Terry Terry Hendry Hendry
Hennessey, Frank Frank Hennessey Hennessey
Henney, April April Henney Henney
Higgins, Geraldine Geraldine Higgins Higgins Teacher
Hill, Gregory Gregory Hill Hill
Hodgkins, Carol Carol Hodgkins Hodgkins Teacher
Hogan, Joyce Joyce Hogan Hogan
Hoge, Joanne Joanne Hoge Hoge
Holt, Sara Sara Holt Holt Teacher
Horiel, Kathy Kathy Horiel Horiel
Hoyt, Theresa Mary Theresa Mary Hoyt Goetz
Hutnick, Mark Mark Hutnick Hutnick
Hutt, Kathy Kathy Hutt Hutt
Hutton, Gregg Gregg Hutton Hutton
Igidbashian, Maggie Maggie Igidbashian Igidbashian
Irvello, Marty Marty Irvello Irvello
Ivers, Martha Martha Ivers Ivers Teacher
Jacobi, Joseph Joseph Jacobi Jacobi
Jeffries, Patricia Patricia Jeffries Jeffries
Jenkins, Mark Mark Jenkins Jenkins
Jones, Audrey Audrey Jones Jones
Joyce, Thomas Thomas Joyce Joyce
Kane, Alice Alice Kane Kane
Kane, Constance Constance Kane Bowen
Kapral, Ed Ed Kapral Kapral
Karras, George George Karras Karras
Katz, John John Katz Katz
Kayser, Michael Michael Kayser Kayser Teacher
Keenan, Patricia Patricia Keenan Bilane
Keller, William William Keller Keller Teacher
Kelley, Gertrude Gertrude Kelley Hannum
Kelley, Henry Henry Kelley Kelley
Kelley, Margaret Margaret Kelley Kelley
Kelly, Eileen Eileen Kelly Kelly
Kelly, Mike Mike Kelly Kelly
Kennedy, Tina Tina Kennedy Kennedy Teacher
Kennedy, Rosanne Rosanne Kennedy Kennedy
Kenney, Eileen Eileen Kenney Kenney
Kesaris, Tom Tom Kesaris Kesaris
Kijewski, Edward Edward Kijewski Kijewski Teacher
King, Jonathan Jonathan King King
King, Kathy Kathy King King
Kingsland, Sheryl Sheryl Kingsland Kingsland
Kirby, Kimberly Kimberly Kirby Kirby
Kirkpatrick, Kathy Kathy Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick
Kirschbaum, Helen Helen Kirschbaum Kirschbaum Teacher
Klock, John John Klock Klock
Knupp, Donald Donald Knupp Knupp
Kohlbrenner, Bill Bill Kohlbrenner Kohlbrenner
Konrad, Terry Terry Konrad Konrad
Kopishke, Marty Marty Kopishke Kopishke
Kramer, Geoff Geoff Kramer Kramer Teacher
Kutz, Sallie Sallie Kutz Kelly
L'Tainen, Donald Donald L'Tainen L'Tainen Teacher
La Creta, Elisa Elisa La Creta Colkitt
Labricciosa, Albert Albert Labricciosa Labricciosa
Landmesser, Tom Tom Landmesser Landmesser
Lane, Betty Betty Lane Lane Teacher
Lang, Corry Corry Lang Lang
Lawler, Kathleen Kathleen Lawler Lawler Teacher
Lee, Chung Kum Chung Kum Lee Lee
Lee, Hwa Jin Hwa Jin Lee Lee
Leehan, Gail Gail Leehan Leehan Teacher
Leety, Jean Jean Leety Leety Teacher
Leiby, Bruce Bruce Leiby Leiby Teacher
Leonard, Charles Charles Leonard Leonard Teacher
Leos, Samuel Samuel Leos Leos Teacher
Lesher, John John Lesher Lesher Teacher
Linthicum, Rick Rick Linthicum Linthicum
Lo Paro, Carmen Carmen Lo Paro Lo Paro
Lock, Brian Brian Lock Lock
Long, Kathy Kathy Long Long
Lorentz, Mark Mark Lorentz Lorentz
Lovett, John John Lovett Lovett
Lucier, Mike Mike Lucier Lucier
Lusas, Karen Karen Lusas Jackman
Lynch, Joseph Joseph Lynch Lynch
Mac Donald, Ann Marie Ann Marie Mac Donald Koszowski
Mackin, Kathleen Kathleen Mackin Sweeney
Macos, Vicki Vicki Macos Macos
Maeso, Cristina Cristina Maeso Maeso
Maher, Fred Fred Maher Maher
Mahoney, David David Mahoney Mahoney
Mahoney, Debbie Debbie Mahoney Mahoney
Maier, Louise Louise Maier Maier Teacher
Maiocco, Charles Charles Maiocco Maiocco
Maley, Maureen Maureen Maley Hedrick
Maloney, Evette Evette Maloney Maloney
Manone, Paula Paula Manone Manone
Maraska, Judy Judy Maraska Maraska
Marchalonis, Dennis Dennis Marchalonis Marchalonis Teacher
Marion, Suzanne Suzanne Marion Marion
Mark, Linda Linda Mark Mark
Markiewicz, Alice Alice Markiewicz Markiewicz Teacher
Marley, Carol Carol Marley Marley
Marrongelli, Anthony Anthony Marrongelli Marrongelli
Marsh, Tom Tom Marsh Marsh
Marshall, Joy Joy Marshall King
Marshman, Charles Charles Marshman Marshman
Martin, Fran Fran Martin Martin
Martin, Kathy Kathy Martin Martin
Marx, Kevin Kevin Marx Marx
Mathews, Paul Paul Mathews Mathews
Mattera, Mark Mark Mattera Mattera
Maylish, Linda Linda Maylish Maylish
McAteer, John John McAteer McAteer
McAvinue, Pat Pat McAvinue McAvinue
McCarrin, Dennis Dennis McCarrin McCarrin
McClure, Connie Connie McClure McClure
McConkey, Ann Ann McConkey McConkey Teacher
McConnell, Ralph Ralph McConnell McConnell Teacher
McCullough, James James McCullough McCullough
McDonnell, Robert Robert McDonnell McDonnell
McGee, Martin Martin McGee McGee
McGrath, Lynn Lynn McGrath McGrath
McGrath, Matt Matt McGrath McGrath
McHale, Ken Ken McHale McHale
McKay, Michael Michael McKay McKay
McKenzie, Michael Michael McKenzie McKenzie
McNamara, Denise Denise McNamara Lennox
McQuillis, William William McQuillis McQuillis
McWilliams, Jerry Jerry McWilliams McWilliams
Mecouch, Roger Roger Mecouch Mecouch Teacher
Meer, Mark Mark Meer Meer
Mehanian, Mitra Mitra Mehanian Mehanian
Meintel, Tom Tom Meintel Meintel
Melvin, Gina Gina Melvin Flanigan
Meo, Frank Frank Meo Meo
Middleton, Paul Paul Middleton Middleton
Middleton, Virginia Virginia Middleton Middleton Teacher
Militello, Salvatore Salvatore Militello Militello
Miller, Betsy Betsy Miller Miller
Milligan, Bill Bill Milligan Milligan
Milligan, Kevin Kevin Milligan Milligan
Mina, Joseph Joseph Mina Mina
Mink, William William Mink Mink
Mirth, Barbara "Bunny" Barbara "Bunny" Mirth Mirth Teacher
Monroe, Michael Michael Monroe Monroe
Moore, Glenn Glenn Moore Moore
Moore, John John Moore Moore
Moore, Linda Linda Moore Moore
Moran-Thomas, Gary Gary Moran-Thomas Moran-Thomas Teacher
Morford, James James Morford Morford
Morgan, Diane Diane Morgan Morgan
Morrissey, Lorrie Lorrie Morrissey Morrissey
Motta, Paul Paul Motta Motta Teacher
Mugler, Robert Robert Mugler Mugler
Mulhern, Carol Carol Mulhern Mulhern
Mundy, Diane Diane Mundy Mundy
Murphy, Joseph Joseph Murphy Murphy
Murphy, Michael Michael Murphy Murphy
Myer, Diane Diane Myer Myer
Naklicki, Keith Keith Naklicki Naklicki
Nave, Jim Jim Nave Nave
Neff, Nanci Nanci Neff Neff
Nello, Sandra Sandra Nello Holden
Nelson, Andrew Andrew Nelson Nelson
Neri, Vince Vince Neri Neri
Nester, Jo-Ann Jo-Ann Nester Nester Teacher
Nguyen, Toan Toan Nguyen Nguyen
Nicholas, Amy Amy Nicholas Gallagher
Nicholls, Frederick Frederick Nicholls Nicholls Teacher
Noce, Maria Maria Noce Noce
Nolfi, Robert Robert Nolfi Nolfi
Novicenskie, Doreen Doreen Novicenskie Novicenskie
O'Connell, Debbie Debbie O'Connell O'Connell
O'Flynn, Ken Ken O'Flynn O'Flynn
O'Malley, Virginia Virginia O'Malley O'Malley Teacher
O'Neill, Greg Greg O'Neill O'Neill
O'Neill, John John O'Neill O'Neill
O'Shaughnessy, Jacqueline Jacqueline O'Shaughnessy Rodgers
O'Toole, Mike Mike O'Toole O'Toole
Oles, William William Oles Oles Teacher
Olson, Martine Martine Olson Olson
Orosz, Greg Greg Orosz Orosz
Oswald, Margaret Margaret Oswald Oswald
Ott, Maria Maria Ott Villanueva
Pacocha, Dottie Dottie Pacocha Pacocha
Paczosa, John John Paczosa Paczosa Teacher
Palengas, Bill Bill Palengas Palengas
Palengas, Maria Maria Palengas Palengas
Pantalone, Litizia Litizia Pantalone Maloney
Papp, Stephen Stephen Papp Papp Teacher
Park, Mary Anne Mary Anne Park Fitti
Pasciolla, Dave Dave Pasciolla Pasciolla
Paskill, Dan Dan Paskill Paskill
Paton, James James Paton Paton
Patterson, Laura Laura Patterson Patterson Teacher
Paulavage, Robert Robert Paulavage Paulavage
Paxson, Donald Donald Paxson Paxson Teacher
Perretta, Arleen Arleen Perretta Perretta
Phillips, Cecilia Cecilia Phillips Phillips
Phillips, David David Phillips Phillips
Phillips, Edward Edward Phillips Phillips
Phillips, Veronica Veronica Phillips Phillips
Piechocki, Joe Joe Piechocki Piechocki
Pierce, Bob Bob Pierce Pierce
Pipitone, Stephen Stephen Pipitone Pipitone Teacher
Pitetti, Laurie Laurie Pitetti Pitetti
Plank, Lori Lori Plank Paton
Plunkett, Donna Donna Plunkett Plunkett
Polarolo, Robert Robert Polarolo Polarolo
Poullaides, James James Poullaides Poullaides
Powell, Janet Janet Powell Powell
Powers, Sharon Sharon Powers Ross
Pregmon, Catherine Catherine Pregmon Pregmon Teacher
Quigley, Ronald Ronald Quigley Quigley
Quinn, Kathleen Kathleen Quinn Quinn
Quinn, Shawn Shawn Quinn Quinn
Ranalli, Jeffrey Jeffrey Ranalli Ranalli
Ranieri, Robert Robert Ranieri Ranieri Teacher
Rankin, Barbara Barbara Rankin Rankin
Rawlings, Joseph Joseph Rawlings Rawlings
Reagan, Janice Janice Reagan Reagan
Reagoso, Joseph Joseph Reagoso Reagoso
Redmiles, Debbie Debbie Redmiles Loutey
Reed, Thomas Thomas Reed Reed
Reeder, Charles Charles Reeder Reeder Teacher
Reeder, Janice Janice Reeder Reeder Teacher
Reeves, John John Reeves Reeves
Reiber, Mark Mark Reiber Reiber
Reid, Mary Mary Reid Reid Teacher
Reilly, Jack Jack Reilly Reilly
Reinhardt, Marty Marty Reinhardt Reinhardt
Reiser, Bob Bob Reiser Reiser
Reith, Greg Greg Reith Reith
Remshard, Kathleen Kathleen Remshard Albaugh
Rhoton, David David Rhoton Rhoton
Rice, Jeanne Jeanne Rice Welch
Rich, Joseph Joseph Rich Rich
Riley, Thomas Thomas Riley Riley Teacher
Roberts, Sean Sean Roberts Roberts
Robinson, Thomas Thomas Robinson Robinson
Robinson, John John Robinson Robinson Teacher
Rogers, Brian Brian Rogers Rogers
Rohana, John John Rohana Rohana
Rosato, Christina Christina Rosato Spurrier
Rosen, Donna Donna Rosen Rosen
Rossi, Frank Frank Rossi Rossi
Rossillo, Jacqueline Jacqueline Rossillo Rossillo
Rucci, Nick Nick Rucci Rucci
Rumsey, Mary Ann Mary Ann Rumsey Wojciechowski
Ryan, Michael Michael Ryan Ryan
Ryan, Pat Pat Ryan Ryan
Salidas, Georgette Georgette Salidas Salidas Teacher
Sassani, Gloria Gloria Sassani Sassani Teacher
Scales, Sue Sue Scales Scales
Schall, James James Schall Schall Teacher
Schubkegel, Suzanne Suzanne Schubkegel Somogy
Schwarzman, Rick Rick Schwarzman Schwarzman
Scogna, Michael Michael Scogna Scogna
Scott, Brian Brian Scott Scott
Scott, Elizabeth Elizabeth Scott Scott
Seitz, Blair Blair Seitz Seitz
Service, Roy Roy Service Service
Shapiro, Gerald Gerald Shapiro Shapiro Teacher
Shay, Tim Tim Shay Shay
Shepherd, Paul Paul Shepherd Shepherd
Shepherd, William William Shepherd Shepherd
Shields, Richard Richard Shields Shields
Shirtz, Dorothy Dorothy Shirtz Shirtz Teacher
Sholly, Robert Robert Sholly Sholly Teacher
Sihler, Patty Patty Sihler Smith
Siliani, Ronald Ronald Siliani Siliani
Simmons, Mark Mark Simmons Simmons
Simonson, Lenore Lenore Simonson Simonson
Sipple, Deborah Deborah Sipple Sipple
Sisk, Theresa Theresa Sisk Sisk Teacher
Siskos, Paschalis Paschalis Siskos Siskos
Sisler, Elizabeth Elizabeth Sisler Sisler
Siti, Helen Helen Siti Siti Teacher
Sitler, John John Sitler Sitler
Sloan, Tim Tim Sloan Sloan
Smedley, Scott Scott Smedley Smedley
Smith, John John Smith Smith
Smith, Mark Mark Smith Smith
Smith, Mary Ann Mary Ann Smith Smith
Smith, Terry Terry Smith Smith
Smith, Jean Jean Smith Smith Teacher
Smith, Susan Susan Smith Smith Teacher
Smithgall, Debbie Debbie Smithgall Williams
Smyth, Karen Karen Smyth Smyth
Smyth, Patrick Patrick Smyth Smyth
Snow, Richard Richard Snow Snow Teacher
Snyder, Stephen Stephen Snyder Snyder
Snyder, John John Snyder Snyder Teacher
Snyder, Judson Judson Snyder Snyder Teacher
Sokol, Phyllis Phyllis Sokol Sokol Teacher
Solildoro, Susan Susan Solildoro Clifford
Sorrentino, John John Sorrentino Sorrentino
Spencer, Jim Jim Spencer Spencer Teacher
Springirth, Elaine Elaine Springirth Springirth
Stalker, Gerald Gerald Stalker Stalker
Stanko, Carl Carl Stanko Stanko
Stanton, Daniel Daniel Stanton Stanton
Starkweather, David David Starkweather Starkweather
Stathes, Frank Frank Stathes Stathes
Stefanidis, Maria Maria Stefanidis Stefanidis
Stevens, Fred Fred Stevens Stevens
Stevenson, Richard Richard Stevenson Stevenson Teacher
Stine, Frederick Frederick Stine Stine
Stott, Timothy Timothy Stott Stott
Swift, Charles Charles Swift Swift
Talotta, Grace Grace Talotta Talotta
Taraba, Joe Joe Taraba Taraba
Taraborelli, Mark Mark Taraborelli Taraborelli
Tarbet, Keith Keith Tarbet Tarbet
Taylor, Dave Dave Taylor Taylor
Tehson, Diane Diane Tehson Tehson
Thompson, Linda Linda Thompson Abboud
Thompson, Robert Robert Thompson Thompson
Thompson, Todd Todd Thompson Thompson
Thompson, Ty Ty Thompson Thompson
Thompson, Eden Eden Thompson Thompson Teacher
Thomson, Lisa Lisa Thomson Thomson
Todd, Carol Carol Todd Todd
Topalidis, Theodore Theodore Topalidis Topalidis
Toscani, Robert Robert Toscani Toscani Teacher
Townsend, Bonnie Bonnie Townsend Townsend
Travis, Anne Anne Travis Travis Teacher
Tredinnick, Diane Diane Tredinnick Tredinnick
Trench, Eileen Eileen Trench Trench
Trench, Patty Patty Trench Trench
Troop, Dave Dave Troop Troop
Tsekaris, Christos Christos Tsekaris Tsekaris
Turner, Patricia Patricia Turner Turner Teacher
Tyre, Richard Richard Tyre Tyre Teacher
Tyson, Leo Leo Tyson Tyson
Vail, Bette Bette Vail Vail Teacher
Vanderwolf, Linda Linda Vanderwolf Vanderwolf
Villarose, Michelle Michelle Villarose Villarose
Vitali, Louis Louis Vitali Vitali
Votta, Rich Rich Votta Votta
Waenke, Ellen Ellen Waenke Elliot
Wagner, Todd Todd Wagner Wagner Teacher
Walls, Bill Bill Walls Walls
Walnut, Henry Henry Walnut Walnut
Walsh, Brendon Brendon Walsh Walsh
Walsh, Maureen Maureen Walsh Walsh
Walsh, Vincent Vincent Walsh Walsh
Walters, Greg Greg Walters Walters
Watts, Norman Norman Watts Watts Teacher
Weed, Harry Harry Weed Weed
Weidenhof, Keith Keith Weidenhof Weidenhof
Weiss, James James Weiss Weiss Teacher
Weist, Milton Milton Weist Weist Teacher
Welsh, Bob Bob Welsh Welsh
Wessel, Stephen Stephen Wessel Wessel Teacher
Weston, Betty Betty Weston Weston Teacher
Whittaker, Don Don Whittaker Whittaker
Wichersham, Helen Helen Wichersham Wichersham
Wigo, James James Wigo Wigo Teacher
Wilds, Debra Debra Wilds Galvin
Williams, Eric Eric Williams Williams
Wills, Linda Linda Wills Wills
Winters, Kay Kay Winters Winters Teacher
Witmer, Lynn Lynn Witmer Witmer Teacher
Worthington, James James Worthington Worthington
Wuetig, Theresa Theresa Wuetig Wuetig Teacher
Yates, Greg Greg Yates Yates
Yates, Lisa Lisa Yates Yates
Yingling, David David Yingling Yingling
Yockey, Irene Irene Yockey Yockey
Young, Bill Bill Young Young
Young, Dan Dan Young Young
Young, Linda Linda Young Young
Zarabara, Connie Connie Zarabara Zarabara
Zirolli, Lisa Lisa Zirolli Zirolli

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